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When it comes to turf and grass, you might not notice the difference unless someone tells you what it is. It is quite common and we are confident that many times you might have confused grass for turf or the opposite. Now, what do they have in common besides their green appearance? How expensive they can be, which is why artificial options like synthetic turf are better nowadays.

Before getting into the topic of synthetic turf, it is crucial to know all the differences between real grass and turf and then, the artificial options available in the market. First, real grass and turf only have the appearance and certain properties in common, like shock absorption and support, but even in them, they are a little different.

Melbourne Safety Surfacing-Synthetic Turf

The grass is often used for landscaping due to the long blades that offer the specific green look that looks quite soft, which is the one you commonly see in patios and yards. Usually, it is also a lighter green than turf and when touching it you will feel it like a pillow. Meanwhile, turf is shorter when it comes to blades and the surface it offers is a tough and solid one yet soft in terms of the support and shock absorption it offers, which is why it is mostly used for stadiums, sports and training fields, and spaces where high impact activities take place.

You might not notice the difference at first sight, but turf does much better when it comes to resistance and durability for heavy traffic and a certain level of absorption. With this in mind, what difference do you notice between the real and synthetic options? For turf, it is a matter of how eco-friendly and profitable it is. Real turf requires a lot of maintenance and watering, which erases the idea of it being an affordable surface both in the short and long run when it is truly the opposite.

Synthetic turf offers you the same benefits: a solid and tough yet soft surface, great impact absorption, support for specific activities, and a stunning green look, but all this and better. You do not have to water it nor provide high maintenance in order for it to look stunning all year round or maintain its performance.

Just keep in mind that the quality of the surface will depend on the materials used for its fabrication and how the installation takes place. Installing it wrong can lead to services and problems that should not be present with this surface, which is why you must worry about the people you trust for it. But is it the best option overall? Absolutely.

At Melbourne Safety Surfacing, we are able to provide you with the best quality turf in the market since the one we use is only made with nylon or polyethylene, or maybe both materials at once. These two materials are the best ones when it comes to making synthetic turf and we are confident you will not notice the difference between the real one and this artificial option when touching the surface we offer.

When it comes to the installation, we have professionals that have been working with us for over a decade and some of them have at least 5 years of experience in the field. Therefore, there is no need to worry about anything any longer but rather just learn a bit more about the safety surfacing option before you make your final decision.

How does the material influence the quality?

The best and fastest way to notice how it influences is by getting to touch a turf made with nylon and polyethylene and another with basic plastic, which is the most common but worst material used for it. The one made with plastic will be rough, solid, and tough. Among these characteristics, there is no way you want a rough surface since that means the support will not be available and it will not be soft either. However, the one made with the other two materials should be just the same as real turf and even grass you usually touch but with shorter blades.

It is very hard to notice the difference unless you are a professional or know how it was prepared. Therefore, you should basically aim for the one that is just like the real turf. Besides how the surface feels and is overall, its performance and longevity will be completely different as well. Low-quality turf will wear out in a matter of 2 to 5 years and you will notice how it deteriorates. However, the high-quality one will look stunning for at least 15 years without needing watering or maintenance. Also, its performance will be outstanding all year round and will not cause problems in terms of bugs or any other defect you can see. Of course, certain maintenance or repairs could be needed the longer you have it, but nothing serious should take place with a well-made turf.

How to get it installed today

If you made your decision long ago and are just trying to find professionals who can help you with the installation, the ones in our company, Melbourne Safety Surfacing, are here to help you with everything. Besides Melbourne, we are available throughout the entire state and even offer services all over the USA. You can rely on us regardless of your needs with this safe surface and we will be happy to guarantee the best results for your space.

That being said, it is not hard to install synthetic turf, as long as you know how to do it properly—of course. Our professionals will assess your existing surface and determine if it needs preparation or not. When this is done, we will proceed to prepare it or place the turf right away. We want it to look just like the real one and offer all the support and absorption for any high-impact activities, which means we will take our time to guarantee this.

To get started, just call, email, or visit us in the offices near you.