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One of the most popular surfaces for safety but also as a regular option is tiles. Everyone loves how they look and how resistant they can be when properly installed. Therefore, do not be surprised for rubber tiles to be quite one of the most used safety surfacing options in the market. However, if you are trying to choose this option just because of the way they look, you will need to consider it carefully and not only because of aesthetics. You see, your decision for choosing a safe surface will be influenced by several factors that will determine your surface’s durability, longevity, and performance.

Melbourne Safety Surfacing-Rubber Tiles

What are these factors that you should keep in mind? For surfaces of this type, you can find a few that apply for all of them, like the shock absorption properties needed for the existing space, your preferences in design, the temperature changes in your location, and your budget. When you take these and include rubber tiles in order to evaluate the surface, you will notice there are a few situations where using them is not proper. For example, for outdoor spaces, tiles might be problematic due to the spaces between each one of them which can cause the surface to deteriorate faster and although its performance will not decline too much, you will still notice a difference.

That being said, the surface tends to be more suitable for indoor spaces where extra support for joints, knees, and ankles is required. This is one of the beauties of this rubber surface: you get great support and extra absorption for heavy traffic spaces, which is something that most safe surfaces do not provide overall. If you grow up interested in this option, our professionals at Melbourne Safety Surfacing are able to offer you all the services required to guarantee the best result when installing it or, if you already have it, we can perform maintenance, repairs, or even replace a few parts when required.

Now, why would you rely on professionals when you could consider the option of dealing with the installation of the tiles on your own? After all, many people handle other similar surfaces like ceramic and concrete tiles without many issues.

To answer this question, we want to make sure that you are aware of the results most people obtain when they go for a DIY idea: a poor surface or one that only meets the basic needs and expectations. If you want a surface to be durable, perform well and guarantee its longevity, you will need it to not only be made of the best materials but also be properly installed.

This is the situation with this safety surfacing option: if you want a good result, reliable and experienced professionals will be required since they should also be able to provide high-quality materials. When working with us or rely on our team, you are guaranteed rubber tiles made of TPV rubber—one of the best types of this material—and rest assured that our professionals have experience installing the surface either in indoor or outdoor spaces.

What are the benefits of rubber tiles?

Looking back, we already mentioned that the surface has a certain weakness for temperature changes and climate conditions, but this does not mean you will be limited to certain spaces nor that it is not a good surface. Instead, we highly recommend it not only for the support it offers but also other benefits that come with it and we want to make sure you are aware of to be able to make a well-informed decision:

You do not have to repair nor replace tiles often. Actually, it is weird for this rubber surface to require any type of repairs and when it comes to extra services to guarantee its performance, a regular cleaning that does not take long is more than enough.

You can choose from different colors and textures to create your own geometric and color pattern, which is not usually possible with other surfaces unless you are given the opportunity to choose from more than just earthy colors.

When it comes to legal requirements, rubber tiles meet all of them and are completely safe to install in any space as a result. For example, for playgrounds, people need to guarantee a minimum amount of shock absorption and this surface complies with it.

It offers more than average impact absorption and can be perfectly used in areas where high-impact activities take place thanks to the support feature it has as well.

Leaving aside the factors to consider for outdoor spaces, it is actually a great option for any space which is why we encourage you to go for your idea even if that includes an outdoor area since our company will handle it with all the issues to prevent its deterioration.


At Melbourne Safety Surfacing, we understand all the needs related to this and many other surfaces, which is why we want you to be just as sure as us when it is the best option you can choose or not. However, as we mentioned, we also encourage you to go for it if you truly want the tiles for your space. If you have residential or commercial gyms in mind, schools, playgrounds, or any other indoor and outdoor space, allow our professionals to assist you. We will add a few elements that will help with the performance of the surface and make it last longer despite the temperature conditions that could affect it.

If you decide to use it for indoor spaces only, there is not much to do but rather take the time to place the tiles properly and this process alone does not take too long either. Keep in mind the thickness of each tile is amazing and will stand daily use, heavy traffic areas, and there is nothing to worry about when it comes to durability thanks to this.